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What is Regenerative Farming?

What is regenerative farming and why should we care? Regenerative farming is a way of growing food that focuses on improving the health of the soil...
tips on how to help avoid deteriorating brain health

Processed Foods & Brain Health | Organic Pharmer

You may have seen the recent article in The New York Times that reported on a study linking highly processed foods to cognitive decline and dementi...
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At the Pharmer Table

As chefs, inspiration comes directly from the landscape of the season. Autumn inspires with vivid colors, leaves and pine needles carpeting yards and rooftops, and earthy aromas punctuating the crisp morning air. We are drawn to the farmer’s market to revel in the bounty of fresh vegetables local growers pull from the healthy, organic soils just a short drive from our kitchen door.

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    Benefits of Infused Cold-Pressed Juices | Organic Pharmer

    When it comes to juicing, cold-pressed is best.  At Organic Pharmer, all of our juices are cold-pressed.  Why? Most juicers expose vegetables to a high-velocity roto-chamber of razor-sharp cutting blades. While cold-pressing is a gentle, two-step process:  slow-grind the veggies to a pulp, and then apply pressure to extract the most vital, nutritious and supremely delicious raw juice possible.

    Fall Menu: Flavorful & Nutritious Food | Organic Pharmer

    Fall Menu: Flavorful & Nutritious Food | Organic Pharmer

    After a cool and rainy August, the run-up to the first day of fall has been welcomingly warm and sunny. While eighty degrees and clear skies may still be beach weather, fall is definitely upon us. The days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and pumpkin spice is everywhere.

    The Story With Gluten | Organic Pharmer

    The Story With Gluten | Organic Pharmer

    By Dr. Susan Blum

    Celiac disease is a very specific autoimmune illness that is defined by damage to the villi of the small intestines.  The trigger for this damaging immune reaction is gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, spelt, rye and kamut.  The conventional dogma is that if you don’t have this intestinal damage you don’t have a gluten problem.  Wrong!  It turns out that gluten can trigger other immune reactions and symptoms without any damage to the small intestine, thus you can test negative for celiac, but still be gluten intolerant.  And there is good evidence that gluten is associated with other autoimmune diseases as well, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves disease.

    Healthy Diet for a Healthy Skin | Organic Pharmer

    By Dr. Susan Blum

    Spring has sprung – almost – so it’s time to peel off the winter layers and give your skin a little TLC. Of course that means using different topical products but it also means treating your skin from the inside, too. At 22-square feet, it’s your largest organ and an active, living part of your body. Because it is constantly exposed to the environment, your skin can get damaged from the sun, pollution, cold and hot temperatures and wind, among other things. To help it recover and stay healthy, you need to eat lots of healthy fats and antioxidants because these nutrients feed your skin cells through the blood stream. Foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut oil and flaxseed oil can hydrate dry skin while antioxidants protect it from free radical damage and aging.

    About Healthy Salad Dressings | Organic Pharmer

    Last night’s Oscars broadcast may have brought out the best dressed in Hollywood, but when it comes to ‘best dressed” we think our organic house-made salad dressings should have a red carpet of their own.

    Antioxidants-Rich Fruit for Heart Health | Organic Pharmer

    By Susan Blum, MD, MPH

    When it comes to nutrients that are important for heart health, antioxidants top the list.  In general, they provide all your tissues and cells with the ultimate protection from something called free radicals.

    Lee Gross' Inspiration For Heat & Eat | Organic Pharmer

    I remember, it was almost three years ago now, during one of the very first menu meetings between myself and Dr. Susan Blum, when we discussed the possibility of offering a line of Heat & Eat meals.  Since then, the awesome Organic Pharmer culinary team has crafted a varied menu of Grab & Go and Made-to-Order foods that fulfills Dr. Blum’s mission of offering “Food as Medicine To-Go”.

    Do A Cleanse, Get A Gift Card | Organic Pharmer

    Why Do A Cleanse?  

    Every day we are exposed to toxins, which stress your liver, the body’s main detoxifying organ. A cleanse can help the liver do its’ job better by reducing the toxic load in your body.

    Our cleanses are designed by our Co-Founder, leading Functional Medicine pioneer, Susan Blum, MD, MPH with our Chefs Lee and Darleen Gross, and focus on helping your liver function better. We offer a choice of a Juice only Cleanse or a combination of Juice + Food, to help reset your body.