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PRO Cleanse

What is a PRO Cleanse?

Designed by our functional medicine physician co-founder, Dr. Susan Blum, and 2 macrobiotic chefs our cleanses all have proper nutrition to keep your blood-sugar from spiking throughout the days.

Choose from a 1 Day, 3 Day, or 5 Day botanically infused cleanse for maximum healing. We offer intentional cleanses from our signature Detox to our Anti-inflammatory. 
Need help deciding, reach out to us via email and we'll be happy to help you decide!

Read our guide on Cleansing here for tips for preparing, during and after your cleanse!

Your 1 day organic antiinflammatory juice cleanse will arrive in a cooler bag inside sink compostable insulation. All in process of thawing for you to enjoy and cleanse to get rid of inflammation and debloat
1 DAY - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse
Regular price $99.00
3 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse
3 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse
Regular price $249.00
5 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse
5 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse
Regular price $399.00
all organic ingredients come together in this tasty 3 day detox cleanse botanically infused with medicinal purpose
3 DAYS - Detox Cleanse
Regular price $249.00 $210.00 Sale
5 DAYS - Detox Cleanse
5 DAYS - Detox Cleanse
Regular price $399.00 $319.00 Sale