Why Us?

Three Reasons Why Organic Pharmer?

  • We believe food is medicine. Every single one of our products have ingredients with a function.
  • The Ph in Pharmer signifies our commitment to functional medicine.
  • We believe in doing the body’s repair work through food - like juicing after a busy festive feasting time, or adding super hydration with electrolytes (and no chemicals and zero sugar) after a hard workout with our Better Fuel, or eating clean at your desk so you can perform better for the rest of the day, and your life.
Let’s face it, prevention is the ultimate cure. So why not eat cleaner? In the end, the only thing that matters is how you’ll feel. And here we eat, to feel good.

Our Story

Organic Pharmer isn’t a fad.

In fact, the philosophy of ayurveda is thousands of years old. Now, with the help of modern science, we’ve found a way to quietly incorporate this into our daily lives. Organic Pharmer is a way of being.

Organic Pharmer is your trusted health food brand. And so, we are challenging the food industry to provide access to better nutrition.

We firmly believe that everyone wants to be, and feel healthy. And so, our mission is to provide access to tasty hand-prepared foods that are nutritionally sound with clean ingredients. All our foods are gluten, dairy, corn, soy and egg free - for good reason. These allergens could cause trouble in your body - adding to inflammation - and since these ingredients are harder to trace back to their source, and we love transparency in all our foods we just eliminate them completely.