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What makes organic pharmer unique?

Every ingredient in our beverages and foods has a medical reason for being there. This is based on the principles of functional medicine and under the guidance of Dr. Susan Blum, a well-known expert in the field of functional medicine.

All of our products have been developed in conjunction with Dr. Blum, who has tailored each for a specific therapeutic effect, based on the unique healing properties of the ingredients used. Thanks to our husband and wife team of macrobiotic chefs, everything tastes delicious too!

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is an approach that considers the whole person, not just your symptoms. In traditional medicine when you are ill or have a health condition, your doctor usually tries to figure out what diagnosis he or she can bundle your symptoms into. Typically, this is what determines your treatment. But in functional medicine, your doctor gathers information about you from your past (i.e. where you grew up, health history, traumatic events, etc.) and your present (i.e. your stress level, exercise regimen and relationships) and does detailed lab tests and a physical exam.

Using this information, a functional medicine doctor tries to uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms. Then, he or she comes up with a personalized treatment plan that can include aspects of western medicine, such as prescription medications, as well as integrative elements like lifestyle changes, supplements, detox programs and, importantly, food as medicine.

This food as medicine approach is the foundation of every item on our menu at Organic Pharmer.

Are all your ingredients organic?

Our goal is to create products from 100% organic ingredients. Period.

Where do you get your ingredients?

We get most of our ingredients from the local Monterey "salad bowl" region, when we cannot find ingredients we need or they simply do not grow in this region we canvas a wider radius for organic farms.

Are your products dairy free?

Yes! There is no dairy in any of our products, ever. 

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes. Our entire product line is made with 100% gluten-free ingredients. However, while all items are gluten-free, some are produced in a facility that is not solely dedicated to gluten-free food. Every effort is made to avoid cross-contamination with the gluten-containing products that are produced out of the same facility. However, people with severe gluten allergies should use discretion when consuming our food and beverages.

How do you calculate the nutrition information?

Part of Organic Pharmer's mission is to provide accurate nutrition information for all of our products and recipes. Detailed nutrition information is available on our website and in our store(s), and is calculated using software linked to the USDA National Nutrient Database.

These calculations are based on standardized recipes and not laboratory testing. As a result, the nutrition information we provide should be considered approximate and intended for informational purposes only.

Consult with a nutritional or medical professional if you have specific/personal health concerns.

What does “infused” mean?

This refers to the way we make our beverages and why we believe they are the healthiest. First, we take our botanical ingredients and make a tea or infusion, then we layer in other elements such as cold pressed fruits and vegetables to enhance the benefit and flavor.  We make the most nutrient dense beverages around. 

Our proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted herbs, roots and flowers are put through the process of infusion, which has been used for centuries by practitioners of the traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Native American healing arts. 

All of our infused beverages have been developed in conjunction with Dr. Susan Blum, who has tailored each for a specific therapeutic effect, based on the unique healing properties of the ingredients used.

Do your juices contain sugar?

We do not use refined sugar in any of our food and beverages and instead rely on the natural sweetness of organic fruits and vegetables. However, we use small amount of local honey, mineral-rich maple syrup or naturally sweet stevia leaf extract to sweeten some of our menu items.

All of our food and beverages have been formulated to keep the amount of sugar to a minimum. Generally, none of our juices or protein shakes contain more than 10g of sugar per serving. Some beverages may contain more, depending on the selection of fruits and beverages. For instance the happy gut, the benefit of cold pressed pineapple on the gut was one we could not exclude even though the sugar content is higher than our other beverages. 

What’s the shelf-life of your beverages?

All of our beverages are frozen immediately after being made to preserve the highest nutritional content. When thawed we recommend drinking them within 24-48 hours but should last between 3-5 days.

How can I get Organic Pharmer in my area?

We ship NATIONWIDE! All of our items available on our website are ready to ship to you anywhere you are in the USA.  

Do you have any retail stores?

At this time we do not have any retail locations. Sign up for our mailing list to find out more information. 

Can I call to place an order?

You can call or text us at 917-633-8084 or email us at info@organicpharmer.com. But the best way to place an order is simply through our website! If you need a change please add a note to your order!

What is your return policy?


We do not offer any returns at this time due to COVID sanitary guidelines. If you should have any issues please reach out and we will take them case by case.