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Benefits of Infused Cold-Pressed Juices | Organic Pharmer

When it comes to juicing, cold-pressed is best.  At Organic Pharmer, all of our juices are cold-pressed.  Why? Most juicers expose vegetables to a high-velocity roto-chamber of razor-sharp cutting blades. While cold-pressing is a gentle, two-step process:  slow-grind the veggies to a pulp, and then apply pressure to extract the most vital, nutritious and supremely delicious raw juice possible.  Cold-pressing doesn’t create the damaging heat or friction of other methods.  Instead, the living cells of the produce are left intact, ensuring that vital nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes remain.  It’s a difference you can taste in every sip.

What makes our cold-pressed juices unique? We have enhanced our cold-pressed juices functionality (and flavor!) with unique and proprietary botanical infusions of meticulously sourced certified organic and wild-crafted herbs, spices, roots and flowers.  Each ingredient is selected for its scientifically recognized medicinal properties and culinary value. It’s our ingredient specific formulas of cold-pressed organic juice combined with potent botanical infusions that make our juices not just uniquely delicious, but powerful delivery systems of plant-based medicine!
Read on for more about the botanicals that we infuse into each of our seven juices, and the unique properties that make them functional food or what we like to call “Food with Function”.

In each beet-red bottle of Staminator you’ll find an adaptogenic powerhouse: the exotic shizandra berry.  Shizandra helps your body stay strong when you are stressed, supports a healthy metabolism and a robust adrenal function.  As an adaptogen, shizandra also helps to amplify the benefits of other nutrients, such as antioxidants, which Staminator has in abundance thanks to organic Himalayan goji berries.  Umeboshi plum, a traditional Japanese medicinal food is also included to help regulate blood sugar levels, naturally.

Flow’s unmistakable, bright orange glow, and sweet, delicious taste comes from antioxidant-rich carrots.  Its powerful anti-inflammatory function comes from a delicate infusion of golden calendula flowers, combined with fresh, cold-pressed ginger and turmeric juices and a few grinds of organic black peppercorns – because piperine, a compound found in black pepper enhances the bioavailability of curcumin, the active, inflammation-fighting compound found in fresh turmeric root.

Alpha Green gets its namesake color and potent detoxifying power from dark, leafy greens (lots of them!) including kale, parsley and dandelion greens, with some added support from cold-pressed fennel and lemon juices.  An infusion of nettles leaf paired with mineral-rich burdock root is included to help to clean out your lymphatic system, boost your metabolism, balance hormones and suppress the appetite, while helping to smooth out the more grassy flavor notes coming from all those groovy greens.

As the name suggests, the function of our Happy Gut is digestive support.  We use many tools in our botanical arsenal for this special formula, including an infusion of slippery elm bark and star anise to sooth and strengthen the intestinal wall.  Cold-pressed organic pineapple juice provides a natural digestive enzyme while a house-made raw coconut water kefir provides powerful probiotic cultures.  Finally, the tiny but mighty chia seed, along with fresh mint and cooling cucumber help to keep things, moving, while supporting healthy weight loss.

You really can taste the difference between Organic Pharmer’s botanical beverages, and all the rest. So drink up and share your favorites with us on Instagram.

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  • I completely am on the same level of a mission on the East Coast. Im trying to build a united front with the idea of combining superior rasayana herbs and cold pressed juices. In the works of starting my business in Pennsylvania. Again… i love the mission…. preventitive health is huge and makes such a difference in all of our lives! Love you guys for being on the cusp of this industry!

    S. B.

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