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Vegan Smoothie Recipe with Alpha Green | Organic Pharmer

We love making smoothies. Especially Green smoothies. They can be delicious and super nutritious. Aligning with our mission to create products that help the body heal we like to make sure we’re integrating herbal medicine into all of our daily rituals. An easy way to do that is by having some of our Botanical Beverages stocked in your freezer. Each beverage consists of an herbal mixture that is formulated for a specific benefit. 

Today we’re going to look at a way to change up the way we interactive with our botanical beverages. Using Alpha Green as a base for a smoothie is a fast and easy way to :

🌜Create a meal or snack with the base being a botanical beverage

🌪Get 2 beverages out of 1 Alpha Green 

☄️Boost your immune system, calm inflammation and feed your gut

As with all of our recipes we make it easy to substitute for whatever you have on hand. Experiment and find out what works best for you, what flavors you like best, and most importantly have fun with it. 

What you’ll need...

» 1 avocado
» 1 banana (frozen or fresh)
» 12 fl oz of water*
» 1 (12 fl oz) Alpha Green Botanical Beverage
» 4 Curly kale leaves (take most of the stem out)
» Handful of baby spinach
» a knob of ginger (wash it and don’t worry about peeling - organic only)
» a knof of turmeric (wash it and don’t worry about peeling - organic only)
» 1 tsp black pepper or peppercorns**
» ½ of a lemon (washed and de-seeded)

Want to make it a protein shake? Add some of your favorite vegan protein powder to this delicious recipe. If you prefer a protein smoothie add some extra avocado and ice for a smoother consistency. 

alpha green bursting with medicinal benefits from burdock and nettle infusions. Always organic, free of gluten,dariy,corn,soy,egg,and toxic oils

*You can sub out the 12 fl oz of water for an alternative milk. If you are looking to buy some at the store we highly recommend MALK brand Almond Milk. If making your own try out our recipe for Sunflower-Hemp Milk. 

**We add in the black pepper as when using turmeric you need black pepper or coconut oil to allow the maximum absorption of all those anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to make it

💥Start with the de-stemmed kale, put that in a food processor and hit play for a few minutes to get it pre-chopped. 

💥Add in the ginger and turmeric knob and let that go for a few seconds to break it apart. 

💥Then add in the remaining ingredients, no special order. Save the water for last to see if you need it all!

💥Pour in a glass, share, and enjoy! 

 smoothie made with alpha green as our base. Get your botanical infusion anyway you can! Organic, plant based and always free of gluten,dairy,corn,soy,egg,and toxic oils

Try out a few variations, change it up and share your journey with us on instagram, tagging @organicpharmer when you do!


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