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What Is A Botanical Beverage?

herbal medicine is at the root of what we do at Organic Pharmer. Helping the body heal naturally. Always organic, plant-based and free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy and egg. These products are functional medicine approved!

We often get compared to other cold-pressed juice companies. I get it, it’s easy to do since that’s the only thing out there right now that may seem remotely similar. But it is definitely not the case, we are not the same. Let me tell you a bit about what a botanical beverage is, and why we are in a classification all our own. 

We start every beverage off with a specific function that assists the body: from immunity and anti-inflammation, to stress regulation and detoxification. With that mindful intention we craft botanical blends that are made into infusions or decoctions that form the foundation for every one of our beverages. Next we include other ingredients that will increase the potency of that specific function, all the while not forgetting flavor. While you may gravitate toward the cold-pressed juice elements, as it is something that is familiar, you may not be seeing the whole story. 

Our botanical blends or herbal infusions are the foundation for our botanical beverages. Assisting the body with preventing, managing, and reversing chronic disease thanks to co-founder Dr. Susan Blum, a pioneer in functional medicine.
Photos by Giada Paoloni

The highlights in our beverages are the signature botanicals, or herbal blends that have been used in different healing practices such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine among others for centuries. 

Inflammation is a driving force of chronic disease in the body with 60 percent of American adults having a chronic disease, and 40 percent having two or more chronic diseases. “This is the age of inflammation” according to Dr. Will Cole a functional medicine physician. At Organic Pharmer we are combating inflammation by creating products that are always organic, plant-based and free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, egg, and inflammatory oils as these ingredients are known to cause inflammation in the body. With our co-founder Dr. Susan Blum, a pioneer in functional medicine we follow the principles of Functional Medicine to assist with preventing, managing and reversing chronic disease. 

Thanks to growing research over the years we know that our environment, specifically stress, and nutrition play major roles in the expression of our genes. Simply put, the way we take care of our body, mind and spirit (highlighting here the things we put into our body) can create disease or can prevent, manage and even reverse it. Every time you are drinking an Organic Pharmer beverage you are getting a dose of herbs like nettle, burdock, schisandra, aronia berry, and many more, used in healing practices for their medicinal qualities. 

Marathon protein shake is has schisandra and goji berry with ginger infusion. This beverage is great for a meal replacement, after workout or snack. Always organic, plant-based and free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy and egg.

We typically recommend starting with one of our functionally designed Pro Cleanses for a reset and introduction into an elimination diet. This is also a great way to explore many of our botanical beverages. Through the cleanse experience you can gain the insight into what products you may want to integrate into your daily life to assist you with living your healthiest, most vibrant life. 


our line of organic botanically infused beverages are perfect for your daily dose of medicinal herbs. Boost immunity, calm inflammation and heal your gut with daily doses


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