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Do A Cleanse, Get A Gift Card | Organic Pharmer

For the month of November, we’re offering a special gift to our community.  When you purchase a 3 Day Cleanse you’ll receive a + $25 gift card* and with a purchase of a 5 Day Cleanse you’ll receive a + $50 gift card*.  Just in time for the busy holiday season.  

Why Do A Cleanse?  

Every day we are exposed to toxins, which stress your liver, the body’s main detoxifying organ. A cleanse can help the liver do its’ job better by reducing the toxic load in your body.

Our cleanses are designed by our Co-Founder, leading Functional Medicine pioneer, Susan Blum, MD, MPH with our Chefs Lee and Darleen Gross, and focus on helping your liver function better. We offer a choice of a Juice only Cleanse or a combination of Juice + Food, to help reset your body.

Symptoms like fatigue, difficulty concentrating, trouble losing weight, painful muscles or joints, headaches among others, may be a sign of toxin overload. Clearing toxins out of your body can reduce inflammation, help you sleep better, help you lose weight and is critical for preventing illness.

On one of our cleanses, you’re going to give your body a break from the work of digesting and processing heavy food and various toxins like caffeine, alcohol and sugar while giving your liver the nutrients it needs to detoxify your body.

You’ll have more energy to bring that holiday cheer, feel less bloated in your party attire, and not stress so much if you overindulge (and don’t worry if you do,  we have a Reboot Cleanse for that!). So now is a good time to do a cleanse and get a gift from us to you.

*Gift Card cannot be combined with any other offer and must be used within 90 Days of purchase.

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