Learn How to Normalize an Overactive Immune System

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet | Organic Pharmer

“ I recommend that all of my patients adopt an anti-inflammatory approach to eating. This is not a meal plan but a way of life. Because inflammation is the driver for all chronic diseases, it just makes sense to eat more of the foods that decrease inflammation and to eliminate the foods that increase it, no matter whether you have an already diagnosed illness or simply you want to prevent one.” Dr. Susan Blum The Immune System Recovery Plan (Scribner 2013). 

Removing foods with gluten, soy, dairy and sugar will help to reduce inflammation in your body.  Just as important are the foods that you add to your diet as well like vitamin packed leafy greens, protein from legumes, seeds and nuts, and nutrient filled cold-pressed juices that are low in natural sugars.



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