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Lee Gross' Inspiration For Heat & Eat | Organic Pharmer

I remember, it was almost three years ago now, during one of the very first menu meetings between myself and Dr. Susan Blum, when we discussed the possibility of offering a line of Heat & Eat meals.  Since then, the awesome Organic Pharmer culinary team has crafted a varied menu of Grab & Go and Made-to-Order foods that fulfills Dr. Blum’s mission of offering “Food as Medicine To-Go”.

Sweet Potato Samosas

Warm Up With Heat & Eat Meals

As I write this blog post, I can see the frozen evidence of last night’s surprise storm right outside my window – and the countless boot prints left behind by my little girls after a morning spent reveling in the icy tundra that once was our backyard.  Yes, winter has us firmly in its grasp, and what better way to warm things up than by putting a hot meal on the family table?  Especially when you can do it with relative ease, and with the confidence of knowing that you’re offering your brood a real-food, clean-food experience?   Well, now with the introduction of our new, fresh-frozen, Heat & Eat meals,  sides and savory snacks  - you can enjoy Organic Pharmer all day long – for breakfast, lunch, snack time and YES, now, dinner!

Heat & Eat Meals Winter Lasagna

Organic Food and Family

At Organic Pharmer, we are obsessed about making our food as crave-worthy, and nutritionally complete as it is accessible and practical. At our house, Darleen and I totally get it – we’re parents, too, and just as busy as you are (my two girls seem to never be not hungry and keeping them well fed is almost a full time job!).   So, we’re always thinking of new ways to make enjoying delicious, nutrient-dense, allergy-friendly food as easy and convenient as possible – for you and your family.

From our functional Food + Juice Cleanse packages, to our county-wide delivery service (not to mention nationwide shipping), with our new Heat & Eat meals- it’s becoming easier than ever to enjoy Organic Pharmer all day long.

So, give your family a big warm, healthy hug this winter with our new line of Organic Pharmer Heat & Eat foods.  It’s Good Food you can really Feel Good About - and it makes us feel great to be able to offer it to you every day.

Chef Lee Gross

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