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Sustainable Animal Protein | Organic Pharmer

By Dr. Susan Blum
Big news! Organic Pharmer is adding a few fish and chicken items to the menu. Although we believe strongly in plant-based diets, some of our customers have asked for dishes that contain sustainable animal protein options. There are also some that can't tolerate legumes because of digestive issues.
And your healthy wish is our command so, although we’ve always offered protein in the form legumes, this is an additional source that is actually lower in carbs than ingredients like azuki bean tempeh. These new recipes are also low in sugar and contain healthy fats, like the rest of our menu. Salmon, in particular, is loaded with omega-3 fats which offer an array of benefits including enhancing your heart health and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Most importantly, these fish and chicken dishes are still in line with our functional medicine point of view meaning that they are 100% organic and free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn and egg, foods that tend to trigger sensitivities in most people.

Organic Pharmer started as a vegan grab-and-go eatery partly because we wanted to educate customers about vegetarian protein like beans and how to include them in their diets. We also didn’t have a kitchen to cook chicken and fish, but now our second store in Scarsdale does! Of course, we’ve always been particular about the source of our ingredients, and we’re just as meticulous with these new forms of protein. The chicken comes from Wise, an organic, free range and kosher company. The fish comes from a farm in New Zealand and is of the highest quality in terms of how it was raised and sustainability and attention to the environment and testing shows it’s very low in mercury. Although the salmon isn’t certified organic, everything from New Zealand is technically organic since they aren’t allowed to use pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in their animals.

The bottom line is that now you have more choices than ever. You can stick with our vegan dishes or mix it up with some fish and chicken. Either way you’re reaping the benefits of functional medicine and a diet that works hard to keep you in great shape, inside and out.

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