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Our talented chefs, Lee and Darleen Gross, have created so many unique recipes at Organic Pharmer with kale. In celebration of National Kale Day, they wanted to share the different ways they use kale everyday at Organic Pharmer.

"We love to use kale in different ways at Organic Pharmer. Kale is a favorite ingredient of ours due to its versatility, fresh green flavor and nutritive value.

Our customers always ask us... should they use curly or lacinato kale for recipes.
Well, kale is actually considered to be kind of a wild cabbage.
Which kale to use, depends on the time of year and how you will use it.
Lacinato can have a more tender leaf- that's the curly variety so it's often the better choice for a raw salad. Our tips for working with kale are to always wash first.
Then strip the tender part of the leaf from the stem. You can use the stem -it has a broccoli like flavor when cooked.
Next cut the leaf thinly on the bias. Try it steamed or sautéed and create your own favorite kale dish."

Here are five different ways we use kale at Organic Pharmer.
1. Juiced- Cold pressed and added to our most popular Infused juice , our "Alpha Green"

2. Triturated- The process where we grind the kale into a green mash to make it easier to juice & blend

3. Blended- Into the "Lean Green", our most popular smoothie

4. Massaged- The base of our Marinated Kale Detox Salad

5. Cooked into Soup- Adds a beautiful green color and mineral rich addition to our Broccoli & Kale Soup

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