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As the leaves change and the temperature drops, you might have also noticed an uptick in sniffles and sore throats. This is a reminder that during this time of year, and the coming winter months, you should begin to focus on keeping your immune system strong.

Using food as medicine can help prevent and treat sickness from the viruses that we are all exposed to every day.

As your immune system does battle to protect you, your army of immune cells are constantly "injured", a condition called oxidative stress.
The antidote for this is to supply your body with a constant source of antioxidants, which repair and reboot your immune cells to get them ready for the next battle.

Where do you find antioxidants?

They are abundant in all the fruits and vegetables that you eat, with the most deeply colored foods supplying the greatest amount of antioxidants per bite.
Did you know that a cold pressed juice made from these ingredients, intensifies and condenses the nutrients so that you get a huge antioxidant boost in just one bottle?

And when you drink multiple juices, as in a daily cleanse, you are providing your body with powerful nutrients for both your immune system, and for all your cells to function their best.

We bundled our highest antioxidant juices and foods into our Immune Juice and Immune Juice + Food Cleanses.

At Organic Pharmer, our goal is to support your health goals using delicious food as medicine, and we created our cleanses with this in mind. We recommend our one day Immune Cleanses once a week for optimum immune boosting during the fall and winter months.

Remember, At Organic Pharmer, all of our juices follow strict nutritional guidelines for sugar content, are 100% organic, and are cold pressed to preserve these important antioxidants and other nutrients.

Wishing you a strong immune system this winter!

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