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What to eat after your Phast?

You’ve made it through your Phast, maybe it’s your last day and you think, now what?

 nutrition for longevity

Whether you want to continue feeling the positive symptoms you experienced over the last 5 days or you want to keep going with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle it can be a challenge to know what to do next. Coming off of a fast whether its our phast program, a juice cleanse, one of our functional cleanses, or a water fast  should be structured similarly to preparing for one so you maximize the benefits and don’t put your body into shock.


Always add back foods slowly. Keep your meals small, stick to foods that are organic, plant based and free of Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Egg and inflammatory oils. This will maximize the effects of your Phast and continue your anti-inflammatory lifestyle.


 principles of the mediterranean diet

Keep that up for as long as you can. 

Here’s a sample meal plan for the days after your phast or cleanse to keep you feeling great and feeding yourself healthy nourishing meals without shocking your body. 


Morning - Alpha Green 

Breakfast  - Warm Quinoa Cereal 

Lunch - Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower

After workout - Protein Shake

Dinner - The Variety Bowl

Dessert - Golden Milk


Pro TipKeep a journal before, during and after the phast or cleanse!

If you decide to add back other foods, take time to notice if any foods trigger symptoms. These symptoms may be headaches, bloating, and joint pain among many others. Perhaps introduce each food one at a time to see how you feel. You can use this time to perform an elimination diet!


For instance have a lovely slice of sourdough bread and look out for clues your body gives you. Did you experience bloating or abdominal sensitivity, fatigue, headaches etc? If so you may have a sensitivity to the item you are adding back in, if not you are more than likely good to continue eating that food. A recommended food plan to follow is the Mediterranean diet for longevity. 


In addition to all the above, there is an even bigger reason to participate in regular Phasting. That is the power of plants as medicine. Through environmental interventions we are able to facilitate the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. Our products help your body do what it’s meant to do by supporting the various systems, such as lymphatic, detoxification, calming inflammation and boosting immunity to list just a few. 


Thanks to our co-founding functional medicine doctor,  Susan Blum, MD MPH you can rest assured our products have proper nutritional value and our ingredients are of the highest quality. Furthermore they have been hand crafted by our 2 macrobiotic chefs so they will not only be great for you but taste great too. 


Stock up on our healing soups and botanical beverages to assist after your program with your daily foods!  Reach out to us should you want help selecting your items! 

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