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Wellness Coaching FAQs | Organic Pharmer

Frequently Asked Questions on Coaching

What is a wellness coaching?

Wellness Coaching focuses on an individual's path to health + happiness. The work centers around issues for and about your body, your overall health and general well-being. Often times a coach will not show you things you do not already inherently know. They will help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. 

What makes this coaching style unique?

Organic Pharmer is a place where customers come to improve their health. We've found that doing this with a coach has shown massive improvements and sustained changes that assist with wellness goals. Teaming up with Lisa from this is grounded, helps by identifying your wellness goals and to understand the WHY behind those goals. It is that understanding that helps make positive changes and begin to reach those goals. Wellness coaching is not a diet or a fad. It’s not calorie counting and strict meal planning and it’s definitely not a one size fits all approach. sometimes it is not even about food. But it is always about helping clients realize small accretive gains on their personal path to wellness.

How does the program work?

We begin with a free 15-30-minute consultation either by phone or video so that you can learn more about the coaching experience and determine if it’s right for you. Research shows it takes a minimum of 3 months for positive changes to take hold. This package contains a 1 hour initial consultation followed by 6 - 30 minute sessions. 

What happens after the first program?

Coaching is about making small, manageable, self-directed shifts in alignment with personal goals to create lasting change. In other words, it takes time! After the first program, we discuss your needs and whether you would benefit from continuing with coaching— allowing you to go deeper, grow and work on other areas/goals.

Does this program take a 360-degree approach?

Without a doubt! A wellness coach looks at each client as an individual and asks the client to do the same when looking at their life. If one area is out of alignment, for example sleep, it can mess with weight loss goals, mood, willpower, even productivity. The same with a stressful job, disorganized refrigerator or pantry, sedentary lifestyle, chronic, long work hours or travel. One area affects the other. It’s a dialogue that leads to understanding + change.

A balanced approach — what does that mean?

When we talk about being Grounded, we talk about a balanced approach — to lifestyle, nutrition and health. We partner with you to create unique, agreed-upon action steps that lead from goal setting to change, uncovering any road blocks along the way and figuring out new ways to work over and around them. There is never any judgement and we celebrate even the smallest wins in the pursuit of a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

If I like the sound of wellness coaching what should I do next?

Sign up for our wellness coaching program here

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