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The Skin Gut Connection

What’s your skin telling you?

There are many factors to explore when looking at reasons for breakouts. These could be environmental factors such as the summer’s heat and humidity to sweat and stressors that can clog pores contributing to poor complexion. But before you run to your esthetician or invest in the latest, greatest miracle cream, Dr. Blum recommends you start by changing your diet.

Two easy ways to have a huge impact on your skin:

1. Cut the Sweets
After eating your favorite sweet summer treat, your blood sugar rises and insulin is released into the body.  The result is inflammation, which can cause redness and breakouts. Plus, sugar can cause the naturally occurring yeast in your pores to trigger acne and skin inflammation, too.

2. Add Antioxidants
Fight free radical damage with a daily source of antioxidants. Eat or drink a rainbow of richly-colored fruits and vegetables every day.  The darker the pigment the stronger the antioxidant power. Our top picks include berries, cherries, and veggies like peppers, beets, carrots,  and dark greens, which are an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants that revive tired and stressed skin. Try our Beauty Cleanse, packed with free radical fighting antioxidants.

organic pharmer beauty cleanse

A lot of how our body responds is due to an inflammatory response generated by our lifestyle choices. Having breakouts and don’t know why? Your beauty regiment might not be the problem, but what you are putting into your body may be the culprit.

Additional beauty tip: try out an elimination diet.  This is a great reset and all of Organic Pharmer’s products are elimination diet approved. Read our post on Elimination Diet Protocol and reach out if you have questions. 

Happy gut, happy skin.

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