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Super Bowl Season: Healthy Snacks | Organic Pharmer

You've stuck to your New Year’s resolutions by hitting the gym, eating more healthy, and getting more sleep. Don't put your diet on the sidelines come Super Bowl Sunday!

We get how tempting it is and how the big game is synonymous with snacking, which is why our Executive Chef Lee Gross designed a new spicy Black Bean Dip just for the occasion. This dip contains puree of black beans, seasoned with
garlic, spices and a kick of chili, topped with black bean salsa and fresh cilantro. Pair with fresh vegetables, gluten free crackers, or spread it on toasted Pharmer’s Bread.

Our in store items that you've come to love like Quinoa Sushi, Creamy Hummus, Rosemary & Olive Pharmer’s Bread, and Chick Pea Salad are great for pre-gaming without the guilt. Not only are they deliciously satisfying, they are easy to bring to a guest’s house or put out for your own party without all the prep work behind the scenes.

Come half time, regroup with a bowl of our Black Bean & Quinoa Chili. Packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and a ton of flavor, this chili will have meat eaters switching teams by the time Katy Perry is finished performing!
All of these items will be stocked and ready in store throughout the week. So give your digestive system a pass and prepare your healthy game plan for game day. Come Monday, you'll wake up feeling like a winner.

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