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what is intentional cleansing? Taking time for yourself for introspection to reset and rebalance your routines and what is or is not serving you.

There are so many ‘quick fix’ false promises out there:

-- Lose 10 points fast with this 5 day juice cleanse

-- Get clearer skin with this new serum

-- Glow from the inside out with these pills

In reality these are all fads; ploys to make you think wellness and health can be attained rapidly and easily. We want you to have your eyes wide open when building a health & wellness plan and when choosing to cleanse with us. 

When selecting one of our functional cleanses we recommend asking yourself: 

 “What is my intention for cleansing?” 

“Am I using this to promote health or to get a quick fix?” 

 staminator is packed with stress fighting herbs such as schisandra berry. A full veggie beverage that is what v8 should be, drinke very day.


Either way, it’s important to be honest with yourself so your desired outcome meets your expectation. When you set out with a clear plan and understanding that there are no quick fixes, a cleanse can be a powerful tool to find the root cause, to identify habits that need to change or to simply get back on track with your wellness plan. You can create sustainable behavioral changes by using functional cleansing with intention. 

Intentional cleansing is a pre-planned (quarterly, monthly or weekly) re-engagement. A moment to take a step back and reassess; what's working in your life and what isn’t. From food to stress and beyond. 

We know how powerful intentional cleansing really is. When done right, you’ll be able to sleep better, eat better, think better and live better. 

For me, I strive to be active every day, to eat foods that nourish me, and to do something I love. But let’s be real, this doesn’t happen every day. Some days I eat cheese. Some days I work from 7am until 10pm, some days I don’t move from the couch. But this is not the norm. Because I’ve set up a plan that I can come back to even when I fall into an “unhealthy” state.

I do a monthly cleanse + a quarterly 5 day reset. It’s my time to check-in and see if I am unconsciously running through my days.

Have I been feeding myself properly? 
Have I been sleeping properly? 
If not, what can I change? And how can I adapt what I am doing?

When on one of our botanical programs it’s best to take time for introspection. To ask yourself before, during and after:

“What are my food habits and are they serving me?”
“Have I been having a good night’s sleep?”
“Has my mood been erratic?”
“How are my choices affecting my productivity, my ability to be present for myself and my loved ones?”

We’ll be offering some great plans for you to join in on, from a quarterly 5 day cleanse paired with a monthly 1 day cleanse to signing up for our monthly Nourish program that provides you with a cleanse, four soups, six pack of wellness shots and our granola. 

We’re here to provide you with therapeutic products to lead your best, most vibrant life, to reach optimal health. On top of that we will be offering wellness coaching programs with Lisa Malin. She'll work with you on creating your own sustainable wellness plan. 

It all starts with your intention. What will yours be?

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