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4 Tips for the Holiday Overindulgence | Organic Pharmer

guide to holidays overindulgence and sustainable wellness through intentional cleansing, healing soups and wellness shots that are gluten free, dairy free, corn free, soy free and toxic oil free vegan and organic

Although the Holidays this year may look very different, there is still that lingering sense of overindulgence. 

Maybe even more so if you are a stress eater like me. That year end frenetic energy can get even the strongest of us. We’ve compiled these four simple steps to help you through this holiday season and get a grip on your overindulgent side. 

  1. Be Kind. Give yourself the space you need. By removing the judgement you have of yourself when taking a bite of that sugar cookie or babka or gingerbread cookie you create a positive interaction, lessening the “crave” for more. If you are going to choose to have those sugary products that normally you wouldn’t make sure you stay kind to yourself. Especially with all that is going on in the world, kindness is a tool best used. 
  2. Don’t Give Up. Just because you had one too many cookies doesn’t mean you need to give up entirely through the holidays. Don’t fall into the trap of “it’s the holiday season, I’ll diet in January”. This behavior creates an unhealthy relationship with food and dieting. Inevitably resulting in failure. Not reaching your goals or creating the weight loss-weight gain see-saw. Throw the word diet out all together and don’t look to January as your only time to reset. 
  3. Stock up. The feeling of being surrounded by the allure of sugary treats and delicious cocktails is not foreign to most of us. Balance is all about creating a life where you have fun, removing the stress and creating a plan to get back on track for optimizing your health. A big part of that is preparation. Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy items to create ease of access when surrounded by temptation. Stock up on fruit to transition to after having one too many cookies. Make sure you have all the items you need to prepare an easy salad as a snack or to accompany your meals. Stock up and make it easy to make a healthy choice.
  4. Have Fun. There is a massive mental health crisis and the growing research on the relationship between brain chemistry and food is undeniable. There is also something to be said for enjoyment. So make sure you have a solid foundation to return to when you step out of balance and overindulge this holiday, so you can enjoy it in that moment and not create more stress, or unattainable goals. 

Don’t rush through December and the holidays thinking I’ll be better in January. Stock your freezer with Dr. Blum’s Healing Soups, get your wellness shots and maybe do an intentional cleanse in between all the holiday cheer, because January goals are short lived but your wellness plan is something you can activate at any time. And we’re here to help you do just that.

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