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Variety Shot Packs

Variety Shot Packs

Organic Pharmer

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The dynamic duo best taken daily!

We recommend taking the anti-inflammatory shot first and the immunity shot second, daily. Not only will it help with the flavor but it will be more impactful! Our 2 most potent beverages one with elderberry & elderflower infusion and the other with turmeric, rosemary, black pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. 

Great as an addition to any cleanse diet.

Ingredients: lemon, ginger, raw honey, echinacea extract, infusion of edlerberry and elderflower.

You'll get 15 immunity & 15 anti-inflammatory shots. We recommend taking 1 of each a day! This is your perfect monthly pack. Keep them in the freezer. Once thawed they can be enjoyed within 7 days. 

Made in a facility that processes nuts & tree nuts.