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french lentil soup delivered to you
French Lentil Soup
healing french lentil soup

French Lentil Soup

Organic Pharmer

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Our French Lentil Soup is an immune boosting and protein power house packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin b-12 and conjugated linoleic acid, referred to as a potent anti-cancer compound. This soup has a powerful dose of Red Wine Vinegar to assist with the absorption of sugars, you can skip your vinegar shots when eating this soup!


This vegan soup has loads of protein and fiber thanks to the french lentils.  They are also a rich source of essential minerals, amino acids, and b-complex vitamins. Add in chopped crimini mushrooms for their cognitive, immune boosting and anti-cancer benefits, with a touch of allspice for antioxidant properties and you’ve got a powerfully delicious and healthy meal. Enjoy daily to assist in getting your recommended daily intake for protein and fiber!

Our organic healing soups differ from all other soups for 3 major reasons:

1) The Ingredients - Always Organic and made from the highest quality ingredients
2) The Nutrition - yes we look at it and make sure you are getting all you need each day
3) The Function - crafted by our Functional Medicine Physician and macrobiotic chefs for optimal healing in the body.

INGREDIENTS: lentils*, water, detox broth (carrot*, onion*, celery*, sweet potato*, garlic*, thyme*, rosemary*, parsley*, dill*, coriander*, fennel seed*, clove*, sea salt, black pepper*, turmeric*, bay leaf*, kombu seaweed*, apple cider vinegar*, extra virgin olive oil*), carrot*, onion*, celery*, mushrooms*, garlic*, thyme*, parsley*, sea salt, black pepper*, allspice*, red wine vinegar*, citric acid *denotes organic ingredients

NUTRITION FACTS: 1 Container 16 fl oz, Servings 2, Serving size 8 fl oz, calories: 178, fat 2 g, sodium 142 mg, carb 28 g, fiber 5 g, sugar 2 g, added sugars 0 g, protein 11 g, Iron 3.2 mg, Calcium 53 mg, Potassium 409 mg

Instructions for heatingPlace soup in pot on stove on medium heat for 1-3 minutes or until desired temperature is reached.

Please note! Our soups are in glass containers and can be stored in your pantry or fridge. Once opened please refrigerate. Heat and enjoy. We do not recommend putting these in the freezer.

We use organic ingredients, please bear with us while we edit our labels to represent the organic ingredients and get organic certification!

Allergy warning: Made in a facility that also processes sesame, nuts and tree nuts

We do our best for consistency in product and packaging, but sometimes there are issues with supply chain. Our lids vary from lug (no plastic seal) to continuous thread (plastic seal). Both are tamper evident and safe to consume. While we do our best to thoroughly wash and sift through the lentils there may be organic matter left over like small stones and pebbles that get through. 


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