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Organic Pharmer

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Endurance in a bottle.

This botanical beverage combines nutrients and herbs that enhance your stamina and endurance and is great whether you need energy to get through the day or want nourishment after a work out. Stamina combines our signature infusion, Schizandra Berry, an adaptogenic herb that helps your body stay strong even when you are stressed, both emotionally and physically. It naturally supports tired adrenal glands and a healthy metabolism. 

To enhance and balance the function and taste of Stamina, we also added nutrients that target all the systems in your body, rather than focusing on just one. These include umeboshi plum to help keep your blood sugar levels even, red beets and fennel to support metabolic detoxification and bile flow, goji berry, orange, red grape and lemon for potent antioxidant power and ginger to reduce inflammation and enhance digestion. Think of Stamina as your perfect daily energy tonic!

Travel Juice™ - defrost and drink.

INGREDIENTS: red beet, fennel, celery, lemon, umeboshi plum, infusion of schizandra berry, goji berry, orange and ginger

NUTRITION: Servings 1, calories: 90, fat 0.5g, sodium 270mg, carb 20g, fiber 0g, sugar 9g, protein 1g 

Made on equipment that processes nuts and tree nuts.