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Botanical Drinks: Benefits of Daily Intake | Organic Pharmer

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Everyone has their reason for wanting to be healthier. Whether you are suffering a chronic illness, or would like to prevent an illness, we find our goals are all aligned.

To live a long healthy, vibrant, and happy life.

At Organic Pharmer we create products that assist your body in daily healing. Your journey with our products is unique to you. Typically we recommend starting with one of our functionally designed Functional Cleanses for a reset to create your baseline. If you haven't before looked into an elimination diet (our products are all elimination diet approved) we'd recommend it, it is the gold standard in Functional Medicine community. 


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When you experience one of our cleanses you also get a wide sampling of our botanical beverages. Through the cleanse experience you'll gain insights into what products you may want to integrate into your daily life to assist you with living your healthiest, most vibrant life. I would recommend choosing ones you enjoy the taste of or meet a specific function you are focusing on (more on that to come). 

Let me tell you a bit about what a botanical beverage is, and why it is a product that should be integrated into your daily life. 

We start every beverage off with a specific function that assists the body: from immunity and anti-inflammation, to stress regulation and detoxification. With that mindful intention we craft botanical blends that are made into infusions or decoctions that form the foundation for every one of our beverages. Next we include other ingredients that will increase the potency of that specific function, all the while not forgetting flavor. 


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Adding in botanical beverages to your daily routine allows your body to get the dose of herbs to help you on your wellness path. If your goal were to decrease inflammation we'd recommend; Trainer, Flow, golden milk and anti-inflammatory shots. To continue detoxification: Alpha Green, staminator and marathon; Promote gut health: Happy gut; manage stress: Staminator, Marathon, and almond chill; Immune Boost: Defense +, immunition and immunity shots. 

After your cleanse you can select your the botanical beverage box that best suits your needs. 


Here's one example of how a customer uses botanical beverages weekly. 

Order: 16 Beverages (8 Trainer, 3 Alpha Green, 3 Flow, 2 Happy Gut) 

I'm the type of person who will do periodic cleansing, whether it's a 1 Day Cleanse 1 to 2 times per month or a 5 Day Cleanse a few times a year. I love the way my body feels, especially once the cleanse is over. I reached out for some help integrating the beverages into my daily routine and love the plan they helped create for me! My wellness goal is to decrease inflammation in my body. 

Monday: 1/2 Day Cleanse starting with Alpha Green in the morning, then mid-morning I'll have Trainer and then around 1pm I'll have a Flow. In between my Flow beverage and dinner I'll usually have a snack of almond butter and veggies or if I have in my freezer the Protein Bars. Then I'll have a dinner usually a Buddha bowl or other plant based meal.

Tuesday: I am typically intermittent fasting so the first thing I'll have is the Trainer protein smoothie at around 11am/12pm. 

Wednesday: I'll start my morning with an Alpha Green. A typical breakfast for me is 2 scrambled eggs, some gluten free toast and a small salad.

Thursday: I'll do a repeat of Tuesday and break my fasting with a Trainer protein smoothie.

Friday: I'll usually have Flow in the afternoon to replace my usual snack.

Saturday: Repeat  of Thursday with a Trainer Protein Shake.

Sunday: I'll drink a Happy Gut usually around 11am. 

Need help creating your own botanical program. Reach out to us via email at and we'll help you with yours!

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