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Phast or Cleanse: Choose the Best for You | Organic Pharmer

To Phast or To Cleanse, That is the question?

So, are you trying to choose between the Phast or a Cleanse, but you are unsure of which? You aren't alone. Both options have the potential for some amazing healing benefits, with some similarities.

Here's a bit information that might help you decide. You can't go wrong with choosing a therapeutic program that is designed by a doctor, crafted by a chef for optimal nutrition, healing, and deliciousness. 

1. Do you want warm foods or cold beverages? 

fasting mimicking or juice cleansing?

The Phast is made up of Dr. Blum's healing soups, delicious bars, a warming coconut golden milk, and with only one cold beverage on the first day, this program is great if you need some food options that you can eat warm.

But, maybe it's hot out and you're more interested in a cool refreshing reset. Take a look at our functional cleanse options. Each cleanse is made up of 6 refreshing beverages that pack a whole lot of function.

2. Food or Juice? 

fasting mimicking or juice cleansing?

When you look at our cleanse options you may be thinking about the juice cleanse you've done or one you've heard your friend talk about. Start there.

For the most part our functional cleanses have a similar feel to that of a typical juice cleanse (read not just another juice cleanse for differences).  You'll be flooding your body with phytonutrients and, of course, our signature botanical blends rooted in Ayurvedic and ancient healing practices to bring you functional healing.

The Phast on the other hand is primarily made up of our healing soup line. Constructed in a way to fit within the nutritional guidelines found in Dr. Valter Longo's research on fasting mimicking. Can't handle drinking your food for 5 days? Well then get on the 5 day real food Phast; healing has never tasted so good. 

3. What is your intention?

fasting mimicking or juice cleansing?

Maybe you're having joint pain or feeling sluggish. Been roaring like the 20's and need to hit pause. You want to lose some of the covid weight or were instructed by your doctor to get healthier. Connect with your why for wanting to start a program.

If calming inflammation is your primary objective and you want cold refreshing beverages take a look at our 3 or 5 day anti-inflammatory cleanse

Have weight to lose, and want a 3 month program with real food? Look no further then our Transformative Phast

You can't go wrong with choosing either option. Hey, maybe you don't have to. Create a plan where you are Phasting for 3 months in a row and then get on a monthly 3 day reset with our easy subscription options for our functional cleanses.

Explore all the possibilities of living your best most vibrant life, by choosing all the healing options and designing a program that works for your life. 

Still can't decide? Reach out to us at and we'll talk you through it. 

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  • Can I special order a ginger turmeric lemon apple juice? If so, how many bottles (I would freeze them) do you recommend? Or what is your minimum order? Thank you.


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