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Madigan Ahn "The Phast" Review | Organic Pharmer


My Name is: Madigan Ahn

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My non-negotiable wellness habits are: Lots of water, 120-160 oz a day and at least 8 hours of sleep.

I’m out of bed at: 7am

My morning routine goes something like this: Drink my Morning Complete and then have tea and read the news.

Go to breakfast: If I have breakfast it could be a fried egg and slice of bread that my mother makes a dense whole grain bread with protein.

A typical meal looks like: Vegetables: fresh, roasted or stir fried. Protein: steak or chicken, sometimes salmon. Starch: small amount of potatoes or grain

How often do you cleanse or fast:  Now it seems like 3-4 times a year. 

What has you excited about the Phast launch: This is my favorite program. It is easy to follow and has great, quick results. And I feel really healthy on it since I am still eating food and the food is really well balanced. 

How was your experience on the Phast: The first time around it was pretty easy to finish and I felt great. I felt changes happening that reflected what I was told to anticipate. I lost weight. Day 4 was the hardest. I felt bloated and hungry at the same time. By the end I also felt a little slow and sleepy. The second time I did the phast was a little harder as I had more obligations to manage. Day 4 was again the hardest as I was hungry. I began talking myself out of it - wondering why I was doing it. But on day 5 I felt superhuman! Fantastic, ready to do it again.

How did you start each day:  Each day started with my morning complete and green tea.

How did the rest of the day look:  Then my eating hours were 9:30-8 the first time around and 11-7:30 the second time around.

intermittent fasting and fasting mimicking

What did your timeline of eating look like:

First time:  9:30, 1, 4, 6:30, 8

Second time: 11, 4, 6, 7:30

What tips do you have for a successful Phast:  Be busy so you don’t have time to overthink it. Get yourself excited for the next meal and really enjoy it when you have it. Plate it and eat really slowly. Drink lots of water and enjoy some herbal tea. I loved to break up the Protein Bar and have half with each meal!

the best soup for weight loss

Words to live by/life philosophy:

See the joy in every step of the process. It’s all about attitude :)

Tell us a bit about your overall experience: 

I was mentally preparing a couple days prior; reviewing my reasons for the Phast. The big picture of why I was about to do this. For me it was the idea of improving joint pain, muscle tightness and of course, a little weight loss. I already have pretty good energy and mental clarity but a bit more of that too would not be bad.

The day before I made sure that I had everything organized and I reviewed the daily intake so I understood what I was facing the next day. I assessed what I was allowed, what my day was going to look like and then pre-strategized the times I was going to consume what was on the list.

The one area I want to improve on is adding in activity. I severely limited my activity in fear that I would not have the ability to exert much on so few calories. I think I probably can do more than I thought and I would feel better for it.

Try it for yourself and see!


Madigan is a mother of 3 and co-owner of businesses throughout California. She can be found walking her vineyard with her dog Rosie and enjoys exploring new wellness products. 

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