For The Coffee Lovers

Coffee.  Piping hot, cold brew, espresso, pharmaccino…you name it, we drink and enjoy it.  But with one caveat:  it must be brewed from organic coffee beans.   

Coffee consistently tops Americans choice for favorite beverage while simultaneously topping the Environmental Working Group’s list of contaminated foods.  Which means many of us are sipping brew from beans grown from synthetic fertilizer, or sprayed with chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

Choosing organic means your coffee is chemical free so you can benefit from all of those antioxidants in coffee that are great for fighting inflammation and warding off diseases, like diabetes.

At Organic Pharmer we use and support Coffee Lab Roasters, a local and independent manufacturer to make our cold brew and hot coffee beverages. Rest assured these beans are organic and sustainable and so delicious that you can taste the difference.  

Our coffee drinks, including customer favorite Pharmaccino smoothie, are made to order at our Rye Brook location (and very soon in Scarsdale)!