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Partnership with Coffee Lab Roasters | Organic Pharmer

Coffee. Piping hot, cold brew, espresso, pharmaccino…you name it, we drink and enjoy it.  But with one caveat:  it must be brewed from organic coffee beans.   
Coffee consistently tops Americans choice for favorite beverage while simultaneously topping the Environmental Working Group’s list of contaminated foods.  Which means many of us are sipping brew from beans grown from synthetic fertilizer, or sprayed with chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.
Choosing organic means your coffee is chemical free so you can benefit from all of those antioxidants in coffee that are great for fighting inflammation and warding off diseases, like diabetes.
At Organic Pharmer we use and support Coffee Lab Roasters, a Westchester local and independent manufacturer to make our cold brew and hot coffee beverages. Rest assured these beans are organic and sustainable and so delicious that you can taste the difference.  
Our coffee drinks, including customer favorite Pharmaccino smoothie!    
And now a bit more on Coffee Labs. 
Sustainability is important to us at Coffee Labs Roasters. We believe in supporting local businesses and vendors whenever possible. Coffee Labs supports our community through local events and donations.  We also provide sustainability education to our staff and the community. We are always looking for ways to improve, and everything we do affects somebody somewhere. It's all about the mindset. Sustainability is a three tiered process. It's about our practices in our shop, our commitment to our local community, and our commitment to our global community.
Sustainability in the coffee world is about quality and long term relationships. Having both parties agree on a price together is a win win. Farmers benefit with a fair wage, and Coffee Labs benefits with remarkable coffee.  
Coffee Labs offers a wide selection of relationship coffee. Every year we try to visit all the farms we work with at least once or twice in order to strengthen and maintain our personal and business relationships with farmers. We have also had farmers travel internationally to visit our shop and roastery. They get to see their final product reach the consumer and help educate our customers about where coffee comes from. 
In addition to our coffee business with these farmers, we have started to sponsor non-coffee related projects and community organizations in coffee growing communities around the world. Coffee Labs recently sponsored a small baseball league with farmers in Nicaragua. 
We also work with organizations which help farmers get their coffee out of countries where that's normally difficult. The Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi helps farmers with small plots of land sell their coffee in the specialty coffee market around the world, when they would normally be unable to do so.
Another organization we work with, Rayyan Mills coffee, helps farmers get their very high quality coffee out of war torn Yemen to coffee roasters. Their story was featured in the village voice last year in an article called Magic Beans. 

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