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Vegan Quality Matcha | Organic Pharmer

You could say we have a thing for healthy beverages. Refreshing, healthy, superior quality, and delicious taste are our number one standard. And now that you know why organic coffee is important, it’s time to visit the many health benefits of Matcha.

A traditional Japanese drink, Matcha is a super-infused high antioxidant tea that is nutritionally equivalent to 10 cups of green tea! Trading in green tea for Matcha can also support your metabolism, increase your energy and alertness and fight free radical damage.

In simple terms, you’ll feel really good after you drink it.  No caffeine rush, sugar high or cravings!

If there’s a food chain for tea, this Matcha is at the top for superiority and health benefits.  We use a culinary grade Matcha, made by our friends at Panatea, and combine it with our house-made organic Almond Milk, a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, and wildflower honey.  Prepare to be blown away by a beverage so delicious you’ll have a tough time believing it’s so good for you.

Prepared daily and located in our grab-and-go refrigerator, our Matcha Latte is perfect for a heathy boost post workout or a replacement to your afternoon coffee, or really just about time of the day!



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