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Q&A with Clare Cirillo of OverLay Fashion | Organic Pharmer

Written by Lisa Malin
Clare Cirillo This Is Grounded

My name is:

Clare Cirillo

I’m a:

Social Media Marketing Manager, Model, Co-founder of OverLay Fashion with my mom, and love to be in the know with the latest health trends. I like to wear many hats. :)

For me, wellness means:

Feeling good in my own skin, moving my body everyday in some way (walking, yoga, going to the gym, biking to work, etc.). I recently learned it is all about your mind. If my mind is healthy, everything else follows.

I’m out of bed at:

7:30a.m. the latest, even on weekends. I can’t sleep in!

My morning routine goes something like this:

Wake up, coffee, recently been biking or walking in the morning, and go to work!

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. As many times as I try to wean off, it will always be coffee!

I take it :

Black, and that’s not for health reasons. I hate milk/cream (including almond milk because to me it tastes like milk!)

Go-to Breakfast:

Avocado toast! I hate breakfast food (eggs, oatmeal, anything sweet really!) So I’m always eating lunch food for breakfast :)

Lunch is:

Normally around 1 or 2pm. I love to eat a big green salad for lunch with kale to get in my vitamins. I’ll put in quinoa or farro, sweet potato, lots of veggies, beans for protein, and avocado green goddess dressing!

Dinner is often:

I have whatever I want for dinner. Usually a protein pasta with veggie burger crumbles and red sauce, vegetarian burritos, falafel, rice and beets if we’re cooking Mediterranean, pizza with veggies and some salad, veggie burgers and a side.

Ideal meal:

Spaghetti pomodoro (if it’s done right) if I’m doing italian, chips and guacamole with a veggie enchilada if I’m doing mexican, or a great veggie burger on a toasted healthy bun with beet ketchup and sweet potato wedges and salad.

Favorite indulgence:

Ice cream, it’s the only thing I eat that isn’t vegan besides cheese!

Go-to workout:

Recently, yoga! I used to push myself to do a workout at the gym 4 or 5 times a week, but realized I actually don’t like doing that; so I’ve been changing it up.

Best way to fuel “on-the-go” or at a shoot:

I always have a Kind Bar in my bag. It’s the only kind of bar I eat because they’re all natural and I can read and understand all of the ingredients. I stay away from anything that’s “fake” (Quest bars, cliff bars, etc.)

Must have beauty products:

Eyebrow pencil, highlighter, lip balm (Sugar from Sephora is my favorite), and a good face moisturizer!

My regular skin routine includes:

All I do it wash my face in the shower and moisturize! And, one/two times a week face mask.

Best beauty advice I’ve ever received:

You don’t need to wash your hair everyday. I wash mine twice a week now!

Go to look:

Plain white or black t-shirt or cashmere sweater, a good pair of jeans, and my Gucci loafers.

On a Friday night, you can find me":

At the movies or out to dinner with my boyfriend, or out with friends in NYC!

Words to live by/life philosophy:

Be positive and see the good in everything. When I turned 25, I realized that there is no time to be pessimistic; or to surround myself with negative people.


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