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Greek Salad with a Vegan Twist | Organic Pharmer

The Greek salad's classic blend of romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, capers and feta has crossed borders, oceans, and cultures - and been eaten for centuries for a good reason.  The crunchy, yet creamy quality, and tart taste of herbs and red wine vinegar is (almost) as pleasing as the sunny blue skies and white sands of Greece.

Our take on the quintessential recipe includes all of the classic ingredients you love about the Greek salad, and adds rich chunks of our house-made almond feta.  A vegan's delight (and a cheese-lovers too) with a nutty taste and balanced texture that complements our Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing.

Full of taste and delightfully refreshing, this salad quickly became a store favorite and will continue to be available throughout the spring!

Entertaining Tip: Greek salad on a stick is one of our favorite appetizers to make when guests come over or when hosting a party.  Grab a block of our Almond Cheese and a large cucumber and cut into chunks.  Place cheese and cucumber on a toothpick and top with a kalamata olive.  When you're done threading the toothpicks drizzle our Red Wine Vinaigrette dressing over the sticks and serve.  Easy, delicious, vegetarian and vegan.  Happy hosting!

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