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5 Reasons to pack new Travel Juice.

1. Get your Organic Pharmer juice fix anywhere you go! From the sunny shores of the Hamptons to glamping in the Catskills. Just defrost and drink! It tastes amazing and retains all of its healthy, immune-boosting nutrients.

2. Make a Granita for your Little Pharmers. Allow the juice to defrost slightly (kids love Omega Red) then shake vigorously. Have them help too for a fun refreshing snack!

3. Blend partially defrosted Travel Juice for a few seconds and you've got a healthy and hydrating "slushy" base for adult beverages. Add a clear based liquor to keep the drink as clean as possible. Make sure to defrost an Alpha Green for the morning after!

4. Your Travel Juice does double duty and can act as an ice pack to keep perishables cool on long road trips. Packing healthy snacks like veggies, fruit and hummus make for a much healthier car ride.

5. Get your very own Organic Pharmer reusable freezer bag when you purchase 4 or more of our Travel Juice. Perfect for the beach, the boat, or road trips to keep any of your juice and food chilled.

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