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The Phast Resources

the phast is a 5 day real food program designed by a functional medicine physician for optimal fasting

What To Expect

Day 1
Transition into a Phasting State
With approximately 1100 calories this day is used to transition your body into a Phasting state. Priming it for all that it will undergo during the next 4 days and beyond.
Day 2
Ketosis for Phat Burning
By the end of day 2 ketosis may be initiated. Ramping up the phat burning stage of your phast.
Day 3
Autophagy or the body's way of cleaning up damaged cells, to regenerate newer healthier cells is beginning. With phat burning and ketone production in full swing and continuing to increase. 
Day 4
Cellular Rejuvenation
The final stages. Continued cellular clean up, autophagy, occurs with the production of newer healthier cells. Phat burning is still on-going.
Day 5
Prolonged Cellular Renewal
The final day, your phast will be complete and your healing benefits will continue. Continue on a Mediterranean diet for healthy longevity.