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Navigating the Grocery Store

by Lisa Malin

Grocery stores are a trap. They are intentionally designed to make us browse, linger, load up our carts, and spend money on items we don’t need, want, or even really like. This can be particularly trying when our goal is to eat well, prioritize our health and load up on whole foods. 

Here are 5 useful tips to help you navigate the supermarket, reduce spending and leave the grocery store with food that supports your wellness goals.

 grocery store hacks when living an anti-inflammatory life

Grocery Shopping Hacks:

  1. Make a list:  This one is “old school” but it works. Before you go to the supermarket, take a few minutes to scan your fridge, freezer, and pantry. If you are planning to cook that week, scan the ingredient list. A shopping list ensures you buy what you need and want. It also protects you from mindless purchases. aimless wandering, wasted time, and return trips to the store for forgotten items.
  2. Shop the perimeter first: Most grocery stores are set up the same way, with fresh and frozen food (vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs, fish, and meats) around the perimeter and shelf-stable items on the interior. Make a categorized grocery list or grab my grounded shopping list here so you don't zig-zag around the store wasting time and increasing impulse purchases.
  3. Shop on a full stomach: Shopping while hungry makes you vulnerable to less healthy, impulse purchases such as baked goods, chips, and other processed, convenience foods. It can also lead to in-store snacking and/or ripping into a bag of pretzels on the way home from the market.
  4. Make friends with the freezer: The freezer holds more than waffles, ice cream, and toaster sticks. Stock up on frozen fruits, vegetables, broths, clean soups, fish and meat, and veggie burgers for easy plant-forward meals. When you run out of fresh food, a stocked freezer can be a lifesaver, providing you with options for quick, nourishing meals, reducing the need to order in or take out.
  5. Grab my weekly Grounded Grocery List to make your shopping trips simple, efficient, and aligned with your wellness goals. Just check off what you need and go. TIP: Print it front to back, so it all fits on one handy page.

I hope these grocery shopping tips help support your wellness goals and make grocery shopping a more enjoyable experience.


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