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Tips for Substituting Coffee with Tea | Organic Pharmer

coffee to tea


Ever feel the urge to move away from coffee?

Maybe it's the taste, a bit too acidic? Perhaps you want to move away from dairy, and can't seem to drink black coffee. Or you just want to get the full benefits of your Organic Pharmer Cleanse

Just last week I woke up with the urge to make the switch. Coffee was seeming more like something I had to have than something I enjoyed having. The first question that popped into my head was, how will my day start without it?

Whether you are looking to stop drinking caffeine for a cleanse, you just want a little break and are interested in trying new things, or you truly want to make the switch from coffee to tea for the long term -

This is for you...

  1. Start by listing your intention for making the switch, "I am moving from coffee to tea because..." 
  2. Have both tea and coffee available to you. Allow yourself the space to acknowledge why you are looking for a change and give yourself the space to go back to coffee should you want it. 
  3. Start by weening yourself off coffee. Make it weaker, drink a little less or if you have multiple cups in one day, have one cup of coffee and replace the second cup with a cup of tea, then your third or fourth if you get that far...
  4. Start the switch to just tea after doing #3 for a day or so. The key here is to listen to your body. Maybe try starting your day with a cup of tea instead of a cup of coffee. If later in the morning you feel you need the coffee, have the coffee! 
  5. Stay on #4 for a few days to a few weeks depending on how you feel. Once you are ready, take the dive and go for tea only.

My go-to tea right now is from our dear friend Sarah Scarborough's new company called Tea Huntress. They have a beautifully packaged monthly tea ritual (starting at $45 per month). I always have teas from Sarah's other company Firepot Nomadic Teas stocked at home, my favorite line is the organic Rituals Line, specifically the Elemental Energy, a yerba mate and green tea blend and House of Peace, a delicious herbal tea. 

tea huntress


My 20 minute morning ritual of stretching and breathing has the newly added tea ritual to it, and I am loving it. I am into my second week without coffee and I am feeling lighter. Starting the morning with a less acidic flavor in my mouth and I have noticed that my energy throughout the day is more consistent, with less of an afternoon crash.

For me I found it quite easy to make the switch. The first week I had one day of mixed coffee/tea and then five days without any coffee. Today I woke up, had tea, and then felt like enjoying a coffee cortado, so I had one. I enjoyed it thoroughly and moved on with my day. As with any lifestyle change it is okay to "get off track" as long as you give yourself he space to do so and to get back on the wagon!

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