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Mindfulness Routine: Sarah Scarborough | Organic Pharmer

sarah scarborough yoga
Photo Cred: Christen Clemins - insta @christencleminsphotography

By Lisa Malin

My name is: 

Sarah Scarborough.

I’m a: 

A mother, an adventurer and a lover of plants, raw nature and wild beauty.

My non-negotiable wellness habits are:

Tea, yoga, clean water and simple, organic food.

I wake up each day at: 

5:30 if I can. Otherwise, 7.

First thing I do each morning:

I try to empty my mind.

My morning routine goes something like this:

Clear my mind: Meditation and prayer.

Clean my face: Splash of cold water.

Clean my body: Warm glass of lemon water.

Then, I put the kettle on for tea and finally I head to yoga or for a hike or run.

My morning beverage of choice is: 


I prepare it: 

Usually I just put leaves in a bowl and add hot water. I have at least 3 bowls. Sometimes,  I make a chai instead.

Go-to Breakfast: 

Recently, it has been a smoothie with yogurt, flax oil and fruit. I often forage from my kids leftovers… usually some bread crusts with butter, part of a croissant or a bite of a hard boiled egg.

Lunch is normally: 

Today it was hummus, cabbage salad and pita which is pretty normal.

Snacks, take them or leave them: 

Leave them-- I’m not that organized. If I am at home, I snack on chocolate or I make a tonic with Sun Potion Yin Powder, honey and almond milk.

Dinner is often: 

Fish (grilled or baked), veggies (steamed, raw or roasted) and rice, quinoa or pasta. I like to go out for sushi too.

My favorite way to get my sweat on is: 

a long run in the woods.

My go to beauty/skin care products are:

Venus and Vetiver, Tata Harper and Revel Nashville are my favorite skin care companies. They are all natural, organic and functional.

My regular skin routine includes:

Exfoliate, wash and oil-- at least a few times a week.

For me, self care means: 

Connecting with myself, nature and divinity through meditation, quiet time alone in nature or a long walk or tea with a good friend.

On a Friday night, you can find me: 

Cooking dinner and drinking wine on our porch with friends and family. The kids run around and play and we get to relax.

Before bed:

I take a salt bath, drink some hemp leaf or chamomile tisane and try to empty my mind again.

Words to live by/life philosophy: 

Know thyself -Socrates.

What does success look like for you, personally and professionally:

Success to me is making a difference through my work, having fun with my family and friends, keeping my body and mind healthy and always having an exciting adventure on the horizon!

If I had known then what I know now, I would tell my younger self:  

Be true to yourself.



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