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Spring Cleansing Time | Organic Pharmer


Cleanses are designed to give your body a break from the work of digesting and processing heavy food, caffeine, alcohol and sugar to name a few. They also provide powerful nutrients that help your liver, the body’s main detoxifying organ, clear out toxins.

The result can be an intense detox experience that, while beneficial, for some can be a shock to the body - especially if your regular diet is full of rich or processed foods.

Preparing for your cleanse will help it go more smoothly.

We suggest that you avoid coffee, alcohol and sugary foods for a couple of days before you begin. During the cleanse, your body will be working hard removing toxins so moderate exercise is okay, but don’t over do it.


If you are doing a liquid-only program, we suggest transitioning into a food and liquid cleanse program for a few days to get your body used to digesting food again.

When you transition out of the cleanse completely, take this opportunity to notice if any foods trigger symptoms, especially dairy and gluten, when you eat them again. ( These symptoms can be headaches, bloating, and joint pain, among many others. )

Perhaps introduce each food one at a time to see how you feel.

Also, eating mostly vegetarian for a few days can help your body adjust to heavier food.

Remember, the longer you wait to reintroduce heavier, processed foods and caffeine, alcohol and sugar into your diet, the longer that light and clean feeling will last!

Here's the link to all of our juice and juice + food cleanses:

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