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Healthy Lemonade with Stevia | Organic Pharmer

Nothing screams summer more than lemonade. Not only is its sweet-and-sour taste delicious, but it takes us back to those lazy, hazy days of childhood. Unfortunately, there can be a downside to this beat-the-heat treat: its historically high sugar content – or worse – the processed powder found in just-add-water canned lemonade. That’s why Organic Pharmer gave this warm-weather staple a healthy upgrade thanks to Darleen and her magic in the kitchen.

For the base and in our original lemonade, we use only organic lemons and stevia, a natural plant-derived sweetener. Our Lemonade Infusions have added nutrients and surprising new flavors including Ginger Lemonade, Pink Lemonade with strawberry puree and Green Lemonade with kale and cucumber.

But as fast as summer days fade, so will these four new limited-edition items! So grab your Little Pharmers™ and head on over to enjoy the healthy sweet-and-sour taste of summer!

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