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Organic Pharmer omega red botanically infused beverage contains aronia berry for a maximum vitamin c punch bursting with antioxidants for clearer skin and calmind free radicals. Always organic, plant-based and free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, egg and inflammatory oils

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Organic Pharmer

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We created Omega Red to be our most powerful antioxidant juice, whether as a stand-alone boost for your immune system, or as the perfect complement to Alpha Green for your detox support. Beets and Flax oil, an important Omega 3 fat, give you additional liver nutrition.

Strawberry, pomegranate and citrus peel have high amounts of Vitamin C, and when combined with our infusion of rose hips and aronia berry, gives you the added boost to protect your immune system from flu in the winter and from colds and viruses all year round. Pomegranate has additional elagitannins, potent antioxidants thought to be good for your heart, too.

Travel Juice™ - defrost and drink. 

INGREDIENTS: strawberries, red apple, fennel, red beet, pomegranate, flaxseed oil, infusion of aronia berry, rose hips, orange peel and pink peppercorn

NUTRITION: Servings 1, calories: 45, fat 2g, sodium 45mg, carb 24g, fiber 4g, sugar 16g, protein 1g

Made on equipment that also processes nuts and tree nuts.