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Wellness Coaching

We want you to live your best, most vibrant life, free of chronic disease. What 2020 has brought to light is more than ever, the pressing need to prevent, manage and reverse chronic disease. 

In order to help you on your path to longevity free of disease we're excited to offer your wellness coaching. Whether you know what to do but need an accountability partner or need help crafting your own personalized plan we've got you covered. 

Lisa Malin is a certified holistic health coach from IIN and wellness counselor who recently completed an intensive course with the Mayo Clinic. She is the founder of This is Grounded, a coaching company that strives to make health and wellness coaching accessible and successful by focusing on each client as a whole person, not just the food they eat or the exercise or work they do or the pressures they might be under. 

Lifestyle, nutrition, health. A balanced approach. A successful journey.  

If you order any of our reBalance subscription programs you will get a free intro session with Lisa up to 30 minutes.