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Green Light

Green Light

Organic Pharmer

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Our Green Light has the same Green Detox base ingredients as our Alpha Green: kale, romaine, dandelion, parsley and fennel, vegetables that contain important nutrients and vitamins to help support your liver in a process known as metabolic detoxification. Since your liver is your natural detox organ, giving it the nutrients it needs to do its job is the most important foundation of any detox program. Think of it like a liver boost!

But Green Light offers another taste option for a detox juice, one that is lighter with a touch of sweetness. We think of our Alpha Green as hard core and this Green Light juice as slow and steady in supporting metabolic detoxification. Also, it has ginger for a kick in taste and to aid digestion, beets to support bile flow and green apple for a sweet tartness that is a nice contrast to the intense green taste of our Alpha Green.

And finally, we used an infusion made from nettle seeds to add a rejuvenating quality. Nettles are a wonderful way to support your body while it does the work of detox and cleansing, helping to balance both function and taste.

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INGREDIENTS: kale, romaine, parsley, dandelion, fennel, golden beet, green apple, ginger, lime, nettles infusion

NUTRITION: Servings 1, calories: 170, fat: 1.5 g, sodium 170mg, carb 39g, fiber 11g, sugar 16g, protein 7g

Made on equipment that also processes nuts and tree nuts.