3 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse
3 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse

3 DAYS - Anti-inflammatory Cleanse

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Our organic frozen cleanses differ from all other cleanses for 3 major reasons:
1) The Ingredients - Always Organic and made from the highest quality ingredients
2) The Nutrition - yes we look at it and make sure you are getting all you need each day
3) The Botanicals - crafted by our Functional Medicine Physician for functional benefit

Want to have more flexibility and mobility in your joints? Have a better flow in your gut? We put together 3 days of botanically infused beverages that will help all these systems.


Start the day with a healthy dose of antioxidants from Alpha Green cold-pressed juice and Defense + protein shake. A healthy gut is key to lowering inflammation in the body. Happy Gut is soothing to the gut and rich in probiotics to help improve your intestinal flora.

Turmeric, an herb with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, is therapeutic for arthritis and inflamed joints. We include this healing ingredient in our juice Flow and protein drink Trainer, and a concentrated shot for its anti-inflammatory powers. We end the day with Almond Chill to provide healthy fat to lubricate your joints, and relax the body for a good night's sleep.

Alpha Green, Trainer, Happy Gut, Marathon, Flow, Golden Milk

Made in a facility that processes nuts and tree nuts.